A Preamble of Sorts

After months of false starts and procrastination, I’m finally making good on my threat to join the masses and to create a blog.


I have many reasons for this.  Chief among them is that I feel that I have far more to say about the current artistic climate than what I currently publish, especially when it comes to film and television.  Even my theatre writing is limited, focused on the productions that editors I work with want covered (as brilliant as those editors are!).  And yet there’s a lot more out there, and even more to say.


So, I’ve started Caledonia’s Californian Critic, my website that acts as both a place to collect my published writing and as a larger platform, or soapbox, to allow me to vent on the films, television and theatre found throughout Scotland.


There isn’t going to be a set format.  Some weeks may go by with only one or two posts, and some days may have multiple articles, and the subjects and the tone will probably shift, sometimes greatly.  It’s just going to depend on how impressed, or embittered, things make me, resulting in me feeling driven to stare at my computer screen and spend time twisting words into coherent thoughts rather than actively interacting with society (a dangerous thing to do).


So, enjoy the trip as I praise and/or crush the cultural offerings found in this gloriously beautiful and wet country I now call my home.


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