Some Changes


Yes, this is still the same blog, but I’ve finally gotten around to making some changes.

First, as you can see, is that I’ve changed the theme (the way it looks).  I was never happy with the original as I found it difficult to read and boring to look at.

But over the next few days, you’re also going to see a lot more stuff.  Those who have been following this know that I’ve been focusing on theatre, with occasional posts on film and TV.  That’s about to change.  Coming soon will be a few new features, including TV Hoedown, which will be a weekly rant on what I saw and didn’t see on TV, and two new film columns that will alternate weekly, looking at classic films currently available to see in Scotland (hopefully a re-release in a cinema, but I’ll also go with TV broadcasts) and also a glance at films between 10-20 years old to see if they merit being considered ‘classic’.  I also hope to add more links, bring more news and, if I’m up for it, start answering some questions on a FAQ page.

So keep checking us out, and let everyone know about the site, because it’s about to get bigger and cooler.

All the best,

Michael (Caledonia’s Californian Critic)


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