The Edinburgh Festival–2009

Well, it’s here again.

The main part of the city is about to be inundated by artists, performers, singers, writers and just about every other artistic form of expression one can think about.  And, as a critic, it means I become a stranger to my wife and spend full days in the city seeing multiple shows (hopefully at the same location to save on walking and transportation costs).

But I love it.  The Festival has been called many things.  The Great Artistic Lottery is one of my favourites because you never really know what’s going to be good.  Every year, I pour over the thick programme and look for intriguing productions, but I know that, most of the time, my favourite production will be something I hadn’t heard of or thought about going to until word-of-mouth hits.  I know I’m not going to like everything and, sadly, I know that I will miss a lot of stuff that I want to see.  I heard a statistic a few years ago stating that, if one were to watch everything on offer in an Edinburgh Festival season, it would take three-and-a-half years.  I believe it.

So here we are.  I am scheduled to see at least a few things almost every day of the Festival, so do check back daily.  And I’m also hoping to launch a Twitter feed as I’d like to post star reviews and quick comments within an hour of seeing something.  That may be a bit over-ambitious, but we’ll see.

Also, any Scottish-based company should get in touch, especially those who are really on the fringe of the festival and are having trouble getting critics in.

So, let’s start.


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