Lochhead & Laula–Love, Love, Love ****

With all of the stuff braying for attention during the Festival, it’s easy to be intrigued and seduced by big shows with impressive elements that make one see all of their admission price at work onstage.  And yet, the best theatre isn’t reliant on big budgets but on human contact and emotional connections.

Love, Love, Love is a great show that has two women who sit, talk, read poetry, play music and drink tea.  And it is a much more pleasant and emotionally fulfilling production than most out there.  In fact, the production feels more like a gathering of good friends than a theatrical event.

The two women in question are poet/playwright Liz Lochhead and musician Carol Laula.  They share centre stage, alternating between song and poetry while lightly ribbing the other.  There is a constant playfulness throughout their banter with each other and, occasionally, the audience.

Any excuse to see either of these women live should be taken.  And yet here they both are in a production that feels like one long warm embrace from a dear friend.  Love, Love, Love, with its relaxed atmosphere and consistently charming aurora, should certainly be checked out.

Playing at the Assembly Rooms at 18.20-19.20 until August 16.


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