Love Machines ***

Love Machines, produced by the famed Kataklo Athletic Dance Theatre, is an impressive mixture of dance and theatrical movement.  It is stylishly directed with a hypnotic score and some brilliant choreography.

However, playing over an hour in length, the production feels its running time and seems to run out of steam at parts.  In fact, the beginning and ending moments are actually quite flat, filled with impressive moves but little emotional context.  However, once the production hits its stride and the chorus join the two lead dancers, things begin to progress, becoming a production with some stand-out moments.

What began as a well-choreographed piece that looked impressive but felt vacant soon escalates into an almost epic emotional journey that collimates into some rather touching moments that are punctuated by a hypnotic soundscape.

I rather enjoyed Love Machines.  There are some mesmerising moments and clever physical interpretations.  But I don’t think much of the production will linger in my memory for long, no matter how impressive the whole thing is.

Playing at the Assembly Rooms at 17.05-18.10 until August 31.


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