Rich Hall’s Campfire Stories ***

Rich Hall’s Campfire Stories is a thoroughly stupid production that offers up a dramatic excuse for comedic stories.  I mean all of that kindly.

Rich has gone fishing, something that he has done with Zen-like precision for years.  He befriends a city slicker not really in his element in the countryside and a fishing lure salesman.  Each tell stories to the others, all of which are of varying comedic quality.  Is this really a plot?  Not really.  Does anyone going to a Rich Hall show really want a plot?

But it is funny.  The beginning, centred on catching a fish, is a bit hit-and-miss, but once that finishes and the actual campfire stories begin, the show becomes amusing.  It’s not played as straight drama at all.  All three actor/comedians constantly refer to the audience and take extra pleasure in making the other two smile and laugh onstage.

Rich Hall’s Campfire Stories is a funny lunchtime show.  It is a pleasant distraction with little substance but much mirth.  And like most campfire tales one hears, it is an enjoyable load of bollocks.

Playing at the Assembly Rooms at 14.05-15.05 until August 31.


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