Fucked ****

Fucked just might have the most unfortunate title and marketing campaign here at the Festival.  What is being sold as a naughty play full of sex talk is actually a touching one-woman play about a person trying to find emotional happiness.

That woman is only known as F.  She takes us through a number of one-night-stands, working backwards in time as she gives us honest accounts of her life and relationships to a number of men.  As the play progresses, the audience come to learn how she has gone from innocent student to jaded stripper.

Becci Gemmell’s performance as F is quite good.  She plays a character that is sympathetic and, at times, touching.  The audience may not agree with her choices but they will side with her, and it’s hard not to feel for her whenever she receives another knock.

As for the production, it is rather simply handled.  A single bed, a few projected words and a limited number of props is all director Daniel Goldman uses to tell the story.  It is conservatively staged, but still quite effective.

Fucked proves to be a very humane treatment of a character.  It is touching, at times funny and ends on a final moment of hope.  It is a solid production that certainly does not live up to its rather unfortunate name.

Originally written for What’s Onstage.

Playing at the Assembly @ George Street, 6-31 August (not 18, 25), 21.50


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