The Sound of My Voice *****

The Sound of My Voice is a revival of a production that premiered at the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow over a year ago.  With its excellent script, direction and design, and with two phenomenal performances, it is easy to see why.

The play is about Morris Magellan, played by Billy Mack.  Morris is an executive at a biscuit company who’s a functioning alcoholic, and he takes us through the day-to-day life he leads, showing us his home and work life while being controlled by drink.  Every other character is played by Michele Gallagher, who also voices Morris’ subconscious thoughts.

One of the play’s strengths is that it does not come across as an anti-drinking morality play.  It is a character piece, and through Morris’ life we see how alcohol can easily take over one’s life.  Though most of the production is played with lots of energy and sprinkles of humour, there are some harrowing moments that make for some uneasy viewing.

But the production completely hinges on Mack’s phenomenal performance.  He makes a rather difficult man into an intriguing character, and though he commits some rather horrible acts he is constantly sympathetic.

The Sound of My Voice may have some difficult moments to watch, but it is a brilliant piece of theatre that is harrowing, intelligent and thoroughly moving.  It should not be missed.

Originally written for What’s Onstage.  For my review of the original production, click here.  To read my Onstage Scotland version for this Festival production, click here.

Playing at the Assembly @ George Street, 6-30 August (not 17), 15.20.


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