C!rca ****

C!rca is an impressive, uplifting display of excellently choreographed dance and motion.  Performed by seven people, the 70-minute production manages to constantly amaze with its parade of images and movement, all executed as if it were as easy as breathing.

There is a nice emotional contrast in all of the routines.  There is a humorous (almost tasteless) physical interpretation of a popular song and an awe-inspiring use of ropes near the end.  I found the full performance to be consistently moving and engaging with its mixture of comedy, romance, tenderness and heightened drama.

I must also compliment the lighting and sound design.  The music was a nice eclectic soundscape that managed to heighten each routine, and the lighting design was almost hypnotic, making the movement all the more beautiful.

C!rca is an incredible showing of strength, endurance and creativity.  I greatly enjoyed it and would not only recommend seeing it but would happily attend another production by this highly creative team.

Playing at the Assembly Hall at 16.30 until August 31.


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