Power Plant *****

Power Plant is a theatrical realisation of a surreal dream.  It creates sights and sounds that are not only both haunting and beautiful but also original.

A self-guided tour through the glasshouses of the Botanic Gardens, Power Plant presents numerous artistic installations that use light, sound, video, smoke, props and fire to create numerous landscapes that are magical to look at.  It is a unique experience that makes one feel both more alive and as if they were living a dream.

It is best to experience this cold, with no expectation or idea as to what is on display.  I’d seen The Culture Show on BBC2 talk about the production, and for that I am sorry because it gave much of the game away.  Much of the charm comes in the discovery of what’s been created, and some of the best bits aren’t the large-scale pieces but are small tricks-of-light that are easy to miss and sounds that come unexpectedly.

Don’t talk to anyone who’s been, don’t read any other article and don’t look at the programme notes until you are well finished with the tour.  Just go see Power Plant and experience one of the most original and moving productions currently out there.

Playing at the Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh nightly, with tours beginning every 10 minutes.


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