A ‘Bright’ Return

“Hopefully, the audience won’t know how difficult it all is.”  So says Jamie Harrison about the production he is currently working on: Bright Black.

Loosely inspired by the Greek tale of Orpheus, the action follows recently bereaved Claire as she goes on a treacherous journey into an underworld, a journey Harrison describes as “macabre”.  This journey will pose great challenges to Claire as she struggles to come to terms, both with her loss and with reality.  Harrison has entered rehearsal with a script but has since been developing it with the company, devising the action around the central idea.

The production marks the return of acclaimed theatre company Vox Motus, which Harrison co-founded with Candice Edmunds, who is also directing.  Using innovative and imaginative approaches, Motus have a knack for telling unconventional stories in creative and theatrical ways.  Their recent acclaimed production, Slick, used award-winning puppetry.  This production sees the use of other high-concept theatrical tools, including an art form that seems to be making a bit of a comeback: Black Art.

Black Art originated in India and allows people to manipulate things onstage without being seen.  To work effectively, Harrison knows that the lighting design has to be perfect.  “With the use of black art and other magical effects, we hope to create some surprising effects.”

With a Scottish tour that begins at the Traverse, audiences will soon see if Harrison and the Vox Motus team will be able to pull off another technical marvel.

Written for The Skinny.


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