Another Year Over….

I don’t know what’s more frightening: that we are at the beginning of another year or that Prince’s song ‘1999’ is now over a decade obsolete.  Crazy.

For me, 2009 was actually quite a good year, culturally speaking.  It saw the beginning of this blog (Yay!!!), but I also saw a lot of really good stuff.  There was some truly good television (of which I only scratched upon) and I saw some wonderful films (most of which went unreported here).  I’ve always intended this blog to look at film and television as much as theatre, and that is a change that I will be looking at imposing in the near future.  But if you’re a film and/or television fan, you certainly had a lot to be happy about.

And I feel that way about theatre in Scotland.  Looking over the reviews that I’ve written, I am reminded of many productions that impressed me.  Yes, there were a lot of blips, scratches and headaches.  There were even the occasional times I wanted my time and energy back.  But on the whole, I thought that there were some really stand out productions.

And yet, as I try to make up a Best and Worst of list, I find it impossible.  There are many small, niggling reasons why such lists are a pain, but the main conflict is this: I didn’t see everything.  I saw quite a lot: well over 150 professional productions and scores of amateur and school productions.  And though that is a lot, it isn’t everything.  Due to time constraints, I purposely missed productions I was told by trusted sources to miss, productions that had I seen them would certainly be candidates for a Worst list; time also prevented me from seeing a number of productions that I know I would have loved.  It certainly wouldn’t be fair or just of me to put these productions on my list, using notions and opinions of trusted friends and colleagues, and yet without some obvious mentions no Best or Worst list would be true or complete.

Instead, I will publish two different lists.  I will publish a list of my favourite productions (pretty much a Best Of, with some slight alternatives in reasoning) and a list of my biggest disappointments (not the worst, but the ones that let me down the most—a completely different kettle of fish).

So, to those who regularly visit the blog: thanks.  There will be much more to come.  And please feel free to comment, not only on any of my reviews but on the upcoming two lists.  Such lists usually elicit sparks, and I’d love to hear from you, whether you agree or not.


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