Mr. Write *****

Now here’s a rare production: a play geared towards teenagers that is intelligent, funny and, most importantly, credible.  Mr. Write is the brainchild of Rob Drummond, and his devised production is a clever celebration of memory, fear and the power of the written text.  In an hour’s running time, he manages to make a blank canvas into a moving production that seems simple but is much more complicated, and calculated, than it first appears.

To explain what Drummond does during Mr. Write would be a crime, mostly because the production depends on the honest reactions and interactions of the audience, with one member that Drummond chooses in the beginning being a key component.  Audience participation can be tricky, even intimidating, but Drummond is so good-humoured and sincere that any fear one might feel quickly evaporates.

But the most incredible thing that Drummond achieves is that he manages to paint adolescence in a humanistic way.  Rather than turning to caricature and romanticised views of teenage life, his production is a great reminder of the pain, trials and fears that come with being a teenager.  It is a lesson that most who attempt to work with and for teenagers should learn from.

Mr. Write is a genuine piece of theatre that is accessible to all.  It is thought-provoking and moving, but most importantly it is constantly entertaining.  It is a production that shouldn’t be missed, especially by teenagers hungry for an authentic theatrical experience.

Oh, and remember to bring your mobile.

Originally written for Onstage Scotland.

Touring Scotland until April 3.  For details, look at NTS’s website.


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